Anton Imling, Founder of CSOA, Dies

February 8, 2004
To All CSOA Members,

This is a note I have feared I was going to have to write sooner or later. I have been earnestly hoping it would be later rather than sooner. Anton Imling died last evening of the steady rampage of lymphoma, a disease he was diagnosed with some time ago, battled with great spirit and which he seemed to be clear of after very aggressive treatment last summer. Late in the fall, the disease returned with a vengeance. He'd been in the hospital for the past four weeks and was about to be transferred to a hospice unit but suddenly was too sick for that. I went up to see him three weeks ago, and was surprised at how perky he seemed at that time, given all that he had been through. He was eagerly planning for Spring commissioning and sailing.

I'm sure many of you have appreciated Anton's contributions to the CSOA correspondence over the years based upon his experience with the CS 33 "Kokopelli" which he and his wife Shirley sailed on Long Island Sound, as well as upon his broad intuitive sense. He was a great believer in the Bukh engine, among other things aboard Kokopelli and other CS models.

What some of you may not know is the critical role Anton, along with his wife Shirley, played in starting up the CSOA organization on the east coast which, together with CS West, eventually evolved into this very well regarded Web site. In the summer of 1996, Anton, Shirley and another CS owner, Gary Schwatrz, got the idea of trying to organize some sort of group of CS owners, since there was no longer a company to look to for assistance, or an owner's group, etc. This resulted in a small notice in the August, 1996, Practical Sailor asking for CS owners to express any interest. Some time went by and then on January 20, 1997, we saw the publication of "CS SLOOP SCOOP", a four page newsletter with attached membership roster. You only got one for free. For the following issues you had to send in your dues, which I think were $5.00 That first issue showed a total of 54 interested parties, 21 of which were CS 36 T owners. The second issue, April 1, 1997, had the good news that Skip Ross had volunteered his services to help start a Web page - something far beyond Antonís experience. There were enough folks who did not have Internet usage that Anton asked that the "chatters" to please forward information and "all the great news" along to those who were not Internet connected. "We don't want anyone to miss out." That's Anton. He wanted any and every one to get the "scoop". He and Skip have had a running bet on numbers of users of the site that has evolved, and I would bet Anton lost that one.

"CS SLOOP SCOOP" continued on for another couple of years, four issues per year. The last one I have is Volume 3, Issue 1 of February 1999 showing a membership of 93. It continued to have interesting articles, puzzles, tales of sailing experiences, hints on where to get parts and how to do repairs. By this time we had had several rendezvous and other gatherings and of course the Internet site had taken over the role of a meeting place for CS owners. Shirley and Anton had not set out to be publishers. You know the rest. I am sure there are far more than 93 subscribers here, some of whom may not even have a CS but who value the information exchange here.

Over the years Katharine and I have gotten to know Shirley and Anton pretty well. He was a person of firm opinions and stout character as well as good mechanical sense and great amiability. The kind of friend we all think about but which is not too commonly found. Once when they visited here on the Chesapeake we were about to have breakfast aboard Godspeed and found Anton disassembling the forestay. Said he couldn't stand by without improving it. We finally did get breakfast after the forestay was "right". It goes without saying that we wil miss Anton but have benefited from knowing him, either in person or through the ether.

Should any of you wish to send a note or card to Shirley B. Imling, her address is:

356 Bedell Street,
Freeport, Long Island, N.Y. 11520.

Godspeed, Scott Armentrout, Baltimore


My sincerest condolences go out to Shirley. I can not imagine the loss she must now feel. I for one could not comprehend the loss of my life partner, it must be devastating. I hope that she will realize how much of an impact his passion for sailing and the CS line has affected this ch of an impact his passion for sailing and the CS line has affected this website. We can only hope to continue. Fair winds and beautiful sunsets Anton.
===== Cheers

Stuart & Heather
CS 36 Merlin "Tenacious" 6200