CS Instructional Videos

Video on the internet is booming. Some for fun, some for serious purposes. Maybe the CS community can benefit from this new technology. Read on.

Knowledge Sharing Internet Site


Graspr was formed with the objective of sharing how-to knowledge, through video clips. Technology columnist Larry Magid said of it:

Think of Graspr as a YouTube for learning. Like YouTube, users can easily watch or post videos. But unlike that free-for-all network, where you're likely to find almost anything that can be captured by a camera, Graspr welcomes only videos that "make knowledge more accessible."

On its web site, Graspr says of itself:

Our Company

Graspr is a social media and learning company building the first interactive, online community that enables people to connect and share their life experiences and expertise with people who are seeking it. The community is built around topic-specific videos in a variety of interest categories, such as health & fitness, home & garden, crafts, sports, and many more. People with “know-how” can be hobbyists (they do it just for fun), careerists (they get paid to do it), or celebrities (they have an audience who wants more). Motivations for participating range from helping others, being recognized, and earning additional income to extending audience reach, building a personal brand, and selling products and services. Graspr is about leveling the playing field. It is creating the opportunity for ordinary people with extraordinary experiences to be recognized and rewarded for sharing their stories and know-how with others. Graspr is “Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge” through videos and community.

Our vision

Graspr expects to become one of the Internet’s most meaningful, most popular, and most lucrative online communities. Graspr’s vision is to make the world a smarter place by making knowledge more accessible, more affordable, and by accelerating the process of learning. We all have something in our heads, or in our hearts, that others want or need. Through our lives, we have gained unique experiences and knowledge that others may never have the chance to personally develop, if not through us. In fact, 80% of what we know we learn from other people. Yet very little of our experience is captured in a reusable form and cannot be easily passed from person to person. Graspr products and community will bridge this gap. Graspr aspires to become the online platform of choice for “teachers” and learners who wish to amplify their passions through collaboration, seek the experience of others, and market their know-how.

How To Participate

We have set up a Graspr membership for CS enthusiasts to use. If you feel you have skills or knowledge to share with your fellow CS sailors, and have the facility to produce a short video about them, you can post it on Graspr. Once you have done so, a good way to inform the CS community about it would be through the CSOA e-mail group - post a notice describing your video.

To post a video, (which you will need to have loaded onto your computer beforehand), you log in to Graspr with a user name and password. Here they are:

Graspr URL:   http://www.graspr.com

User name:   CSOA

Password:   CanadianSailcraft22-40

Once logged in, hover over the tab labeled My Productions, then click on Upload a video. Follow the instructions from there.

If you don't have a video to post, but want to see what other CSers have posted, hover over the same tab and click on Videos.

Graspr is still pretty new - it will probably evolve. As it does, maybe we'll want to refine how we use it. Check back to this page for any changes.

We'll see how this goes. If we get a lot of participation, we'll add a directory of the CS videos on this web site.

If you have suggestions about this activity, please send them by clicking on the contact form link in the box at the bottom of this page.

We welcome your questions, comments or suggestions. Please feel free to contact us.

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